Franciszka & Stefan Themerson – Books, Camera, Ubu

24 March – 5 June 2016 at Camden Arts Centre

Partners and life-long collaborators from 1929 until their deaths in 1988, Franciszka and Stefan Themersons’ diverse practice encompassed painting, photography, film, theatre design, literature, concrete poetry, publishing and illustration.


Acclaimed as the most important experimental filmmakers in pre-war Poland, they were driven by a dedication to defy convention, avoiding repetition of expression through continual experimentation. Founding the independent publishing house Gaberbocchus Press in 1948, they published more than sixty titles, aimed to be ‘best lookers rather than best sellers’, including works by Raymond Queneau, Bertrand Russell and Kurt Schwitters. Throughout their careers and across all their art forms, they attentively unpacked issues of ethics, language, freedom, conformism, dignity and the human condition.

Books, Camera, Ubu focuses on three main areas of their creative output; their pioneering experimental film practice; the Gaberbocchus Press; and Franciszka’s stage design, puppets and a comic strip, all on the subject of Alfred Jarry’s anarchic 1890s play, Ubu Roi.


Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse

30 January — 20 April 2016 at The Royal Academy 

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Using the work of Monet as a starting point, this landmark exhibition examines the role gardens played in the evolution of art from the early 1860s through to the 1920s.

Donlon Books – London

Donlon Books is an excellent independent bookshop on Broadway Market “offering an idiosyncratic selection of books, periodicals and printed matter.”

The shop’s stock covers a wide-range of subjects, including popular music and sound art, philosophy and critical theory, art theory, esoterica, fashion design, and gay and erotica, but its particular speciality is artists’ bookworks and photobooks.

Definitely worth a visit when in London.


Two must-see shows at Tate Modern

Matisse at Tate Modern

17 April – 7 September 2014

Tate Modern celebrates the period in which Matisse began ‘cutting into colour’

Malevich at Tate Modern


16 July – 26 October 2014

Tate Modern presents Kazimir Malevich’s first retrospective in thirty years

Easter Greetings..

Easter eggs – onion decoration
Source: Wikimedia

A traditional and still widespread way of colouring Easter eggs in the Czech Republic is boiling them together with onion skins. The patterns can be gained by attaching leaves of various plants to them before boiling, and removing them afterwards.

If you have some handmade creative Easter treats – please share via our twitter account: _makefuture

Will be back after Easter break. May you feel the bright, joyful blessings during this Easter holiday.