Industry Insight Lecture – Thursday 12th October 5pm – Dovile Visockaite


A not to be missed lecture this Thursday… In Dovile’s own words:

“From making innocent crafty jewellery to working for well known London fashion Designer Nasir Mazhar and starting my own business of custom car seats, it has been an eventful journey of creative work and DIY mentality for me.

Seeing my father, who is self taught jeweller and craftsmen running his own business has led me to start career in applied arts, and more specifically – in fashion. Pattern cutting, sewing and making ideas happen has always been by biggest drive.

Nasir Mazhar who is self taught Milliner and Menswear/Womenswear designer has been an amazing introduction to vibrant London fashion world. His DIY ways of designing and limitless imagination has always been complementary to my passion for technicalities and allowed me to challenge and strengthen myself as a pattern cutter, maker and studio manager for 7 years now. Moreover it was great opportunity to be part of such projects as creating pieces for London Olympics 2012, Victoria’s Secret Show in London, Barbie or working with various artists from music industry. Nasir Mazhar has never been just about clothes, we always focus on the whole image and identity, because of that accessories, underwear, headwear and face masks has been a big part of our work which allowed us to be innovative within making and functionality.”

See you on Thursday at 5pm in LTA!