Featuring the work of Woven Textiles student Carys Whitehouse

Carys Whitehouse, who is currently in her final year at WSA and specialising in Woven Textiles, tells us about her pre-collection project ‘Sensory Perception’ focussing on the unique and subjective nature of our sensory experiences. The project is centred around Carys’ own Synaesthesia – a phenomenon where certain sensory processing areas in the brain are more linked in some people than others, resulting in two or more senses being processed in tandem, for example, the ability to see sounds.

‘Having recently realised that my ability to process sound as colour, texture and pattern was not a universal sensory experience but a type of Synaesthesia, I decided to create fabrics which visually represent the experience of Synaesthesia, and what different sounds and feelings look like to me.’

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Carys also developed a collection of digital prints alongside her handwoven samples; her drawing style influenced by traditional Victorian ink and pen illustration.


For this collection Carys used custom-dyed yarns, creating a personal palette, in order to represent the unique nature of synesthetic experiences. Through a desire to use more sustainable and animal-cruelty-free yarn alternatives, this entire collection is free from silk, and uses 80% natural plant-based fibres.