Industry Placements


For WSA students:

A period of work placement within a degree programme is often viewed as pivotal in the development of today’s graduates, in the sense that academic disciplines and practical application can be interrelated, and key transferable skills practised and developed. The opportunity for you to apply your knowledge  and skills in a fashion and textiles industry setting, whilst gaining experience from the atmosphere and pace of the workplace, helps to develop confidence, define future career goals and enhance employability.

To assist in your search for a placement do ensure you visit or subscribe to the and

For advice and support contact your placement coordinator

For Industry:

Are you interested in offering a one-six month placement/internship to one (or more) of our Year 2 BA Fashion and Textile Design students?

Our students are available from 1st February to 30th April 2017 – able to extend to mid September 2017.

Students from the following areas are looking for placements:  Fashion Design; Knitwear Design; Printed Textile Design and Woven Textiles Design. Students in these areas are also keen to experience roles within marketing, buying, PR and publications.

As the placement falls in the final part of their year 2 studies they will be looking to become a useful and valuable member of your team on a temporary basis. On completion of their placement they will be starting preparation for their own independent graduate collections.

We are proud to produce students who are creative and hands-on designers and makers. Our students are used to working on a range of creative projects in order to develop their practical and intellectual skills. They have experience of well-equipped studios and workshops and apply both traditional and digital methods of design development in the creation of contemporary outcomes.

If you are interested in taking a student please kindly send information about your requirements (see suggestions below) to Sandra Dancer via

and cc the Placement Coordinator via This will help us to record the the placements being offered and which students have applied.

If you have any questions about the students please do send them to the Placement Coordinator via

Suggested information for the placement advert:

_Name of the person the students should contact

_Email or preferred contact for that person

_Name of the company

_Type of company/nature of the work

_Type/name of the placement role

_Location of work

_Full time or part time role

_Paid (at least minimum wage?) or Unpaid (if so is travel or lunch covered?)

_Winchester School of Art students only – or open to all universities

_Date to show the advert to the students

_Deadline for applications (we will remove the advert at this time also)

_Process of application – e.g email CV to the contact name or visit your website and fill in an application form

_Job description (or a link to the job  description if it is posted online)

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