Featuring the work of: level three printed textiles student Rosie Timson

Featuring work of level three, Printed Textile Student Rosie Timson. Created for the Surtex brief – the work is inspired by events are happening in 2020, Tokyo Olympics caught Rosie’s interest and so she decided to look at Japanese traditional art; her main inspiration being Hokusai, just like Hokusai she wanted to use water colours and inks to create the stories and scenes in the long design pieces.

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RosieTimson_Collage visual board layers

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Printed Textiles student and designer Frieda Peppercorn’s work was featured during Winchester Fashion Week.

Justice Introducing: Frieda Peppercorn 
While Justice are proud to showcase the work of the best Jewellery Designers that Britain has to offer in the likes of Sophie Harley, Shaun Leane and Stephen Webster, we’re also thrilled to be able to provide a platform for new talent emerging into the design world and Winchester Fashion Week 2014 provided the perfect opportunity to do just that…


…we love the unique and inspirational so we were naturally drawn to the work of super talent, Frieda Peppercorn and the opportunity arose to promote this talented designer through our partnership with Winchester Fashion Week.

Frieda Peppercorn_Designs

(Justice) What made you want to become a Textile Designer?

I have always loved working with fabrics I used to make dresses for my dolls when I was little. I love to make things, and there is something special that happens when you apply a drawing onto fabric, it gives it a whole new dimension, which I find really exciting. I have a very hands on approach, I love to get my hands dirty, the days I spend screen printing in the studio are my happiest.

(Justice) What do you find inspiration in?

My work has an illustrative style; I like my prints to tell a story. I suppose I like to draw objects that have a story behind them or things that evoke memories of the past; the simplest thing can be made beautiful through a drawing.

(Justice) Who is your favourite fashion inspiration?

I love the work of Stella Jean, her clothes are so outrageous and I love the way she combines her amazing prints in her outfits.

(Justice) Who in history would you have designed/ printed textiles for?

I think I would have liked to be designing at the time of Lucienne Day and Marian Miller, the post war textiles were so exciting and revolutionary I think it was a really exciting time for textile design.

(Justice) Which celebrity would you most like to see wearing your designs?

Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine), I love her style and her music.

(Justice) What’s your favourite song/ soundtrack to listen to while you’re printing?

I love Bastille’s album at the moment, but if I want something a bit more chilled out, Ben Howard is my fave.

(Justice) Are there any connections between your work and Jewellery Design?

I think that all designers like myself and those who create the beautiful jewellery at Justice definitely do have a connection, creative people have a lot in common, no matter what media they use to illustrate their creativity. I think that hand made unique items are very special and it is important to support independent designers.

(Justice) Are there any ‘Justice’ designers that particularly resonate with your work?

I love Sophie Harley’s work each piece has a unique hand crafted quality. I like to think that my work does the same, screen-printing is very hands on, and the imperfections that it creates are what makes it beautiful, every piece is unique.

(Justice) What made you want to be involved with Winchester Fashion Week?

I thought it was the perfect platform for me to promote my work, I think it’s great that local businesses are collaborating with local design students.

(Justice) What does it mean to you to be involved in this project?

This is really exciting to be promoted by Justice, I think it is fantastic that they support British design.

(Justice) You study at Winchester School of Art- any top tips for your favourite hang outs/ shopping trips?

My favourite place for coffee is ‘Chococo’, their chocolate is divine and it’s definitely the best coffee I have had in town.

One of the best shops is hidden away around the back of Sainsbury’s, it’s called ‘Fab Vintage’ and I have picked up many beautiful vintage bargains there.

(Justice) You finish studying this year, what are your plans and career aspirations?

Screen printing is my passion, whether I find a job that allows me to do what I love, or I set up on my own, as long as I’m printing I’ll be happy. 


This is an edited version of the piece written by: Jules Fuller on Google+, 27/03/2014 Winchester Fashion Week 2014: Justice Introducing- Frieda Peppercorn


Featuring Work in progress for level three weave Final Major Project

Here is a taste of what is to come as the level three weavers approach the end of their degree..we are very excited to to see their end results.

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Featuring: Level two Fashion Knitwear Student Chantelle Cottrell work from Semester One.

Featuring: Level two Fashion Knitwear Student Chantelle Cottrell work from Semester One.

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