Featuring the work of Fashion Design student Jasmine Broughton

Currently in her second year of Fashion Design at WSA, Jasmine Broughton introduces us to her work from the last semester.
INNOVATE3_jasminebroughton INNOVATE11_jasminebroughton

I used strong and structured shapes along with fluid lines to inspire my designs. 1960’s Mods were an inspiration for the feel I wanted my collection and garment to have, taking certain aspects such as trouser length and some of the structured garment shapes in order to give the sense of the Mod style.


This collection is inspired by explosions of matter and the texture, structure and movement within them. My aim was to develop a collection that was heavily textured and colour based, capturing dense tactile surfaces and movement throughout my designs.
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Award-winning WSA Students at CAMAC Wallpaper Competition 2014

11 Printed Textile students from WSA have their work on display at an exhibition in London as part of London Design Festival. Students took part in the 6th Annual Wallpaper Competition run by CAMAC and the selected designs can be seen at the Dominion Theatre. Students showing are Tori McLean, Thea-Rose Maxted-Pettmann, Sarah Street, Rebecca Walton, Kat Walker, Ellice Soloman, Chloe Rutherford, Annabelle Jennings, Lucy Harris, Charlie Magnay and Alex Poyner. Leah Saunders, a first year student, also has her work on display as part of the 2nd Student Textile Challenge in response to the Warner Archive.

At the exhibition opening it was announced Lucy Harris would have her cushions on display at the Fashion Textile Museum Cafe, alongside Alex Poyner’s work which is already in situ there. Her entry was in response to the Artists’ Textiles: Warhol to Picasso exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

The CAMAC awards were presented at CAMAC 6th Annual Student Awards reception on Wednesday 17th September in London

Sarah Street won a Work Placement Prize at Holden Décor for her Art Deco inspired wallpaper.

Sarah Street

Chloe Rutherford won a Work Placement Prize at  AVA CADCAMGROUP for her Art Deco wallpaper design.

Ellice Soloman won a Work Placement Prize at CWV Wall coverings for her Deco inspired designs based on transport.

Elise Soloman

Alex Poyner was awarded Joint 2nd Prize Winner of the Teapod Café Prize at the Fashion and Textile Museum where her wallpaper is on display.

Alex Poyner

WSA level two student selected for JustFashion Competition sponsored by LEVI STRAUSS CO and supported by Katharine Hamnett

Nobody buys clothes out of pity,” says Katharine Hamnett, the fashion designer, appraising an outfit made by a student with ethical principles in mind. “People buy clothes they want to wear.

“They can’t look sustainable … sustainability is something you’ve got to sneak underneath.”

hay_fashion_2927402bHamnett is giving critical advice to budding designers in the final hours of a five-day workshop at the Hay Festival, during which fashion students have worked to create outfits with a focus on ethical production. A wide-ranging term, “ethical” used here means consideration of environmental factors, sustainability, animal welfare, traceability, fair wages and working conditions for manufacturers to name a few.

The Just Fashion Workshop is a joint project between the Hay Festival and the Environmental Justice Foundation, supported by Levi Strauss & Co and London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Ten students were chosen to spend a week working with sustainable fashion experts Martina Spetlova and Jessica Mor, before presenting their work on stage at the last weekend of the Hay Festival.

Chloé is a second-year student at Falmouth University who would love to have her own flock of sheep to produce her own wool. At the workshop site, just outside Hay-on-Wye, she has put in a week’s worth of long hours to create her ensemble. One of her main fashion influences is Stella McCartney. “What I like about Stella is that it’s sustainable, and she doesn’t scream and shout about her ideas of animal welfare … she just says it should be the norm, and I like that. It’s just done.”

Chloé’s approach is different from the one taken by her fellow (Winchester School of Art) student Filipa Castilho, who is developing a new way to recycle denim. There are already organisations that break down old clothing into reusable fibres, but Filipa points out that this process is time- and energy-consuming. To shorten the recycling process, she has cut old pairs of jeans into strips, woven into the back of a new denim shirt-dress.

“Sustainability in fashion is not only about organic fibres or recycling garments,” she says. “There are many different ways to help solve a big problem. This workshop is a good opportunity to bring different approaches to the situation together, and find different perspectives on what can help.

“It’s been really lovely. I usually think a lot about equality, politics and human rights, and usually I don’t take any action. But the conversations we’ve had here made me think that even if I’m only one person, and I can’t solve the problem, if I take some action I can help in a small part – and actually do something instead of just being theoretical. If my idea was implemented in mass production, it could help a lot.”

The students had their designs modelled on stage at the Hay Festival as part of a discussion about the future of sustainable fashion with Katharine Hamnett and Dilys Williams.

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To read the full article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/hay-festival/10867069/Ethical-fashion-any-colour-as-long-as-its-green.html?fb

13 WSA students have been shortlisted for the 2nd round of CAMAC Competition!

ROUND2_CAMAC 10454207_1551150565112505_1972670475_nSARAHSTREET_L2




Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Susanna James

Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Susanna JamesSusanna James8 Susanna James4 Susanna James6 Susanna James3 Susanna James7#wsaknit

Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Millie Butler-Hiorns

Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Millie Butler-HiornsMillieButler-Hiorns4 MillieButler-Hiorns3 MillieButler-Hiorns1


Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Hayley Collins

Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Hayley Collins
HayleyCollins3 HayleyCollins2HayleyCollins5 HayleyCollins4#wsaknit


Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Grace Fincham

Featuring the work of: level two knitwear student Grace Fincham
GraceFincham7 GraceFincham5 GraceFincham6 GraceFincham2



Featuring the work of: level two fashion student Amy Konig

Amy Konig was a recent finalist at London Fashion Show 2014 for the FAD competition

Image from: fadfashionfutures.wordpress.com

Image from: fadfashionfutures.wordpress.com @LFW


Through unconventional pattern cutting, Amy attempted to create an obscure silhouette to deliver understated elegance to her garments. Black and white cotton strips have been pieced together to create an illusion inspired by Bridget Riley’s Op Art. The illusions she creates visualise Amy’s perception of dyslexia.

This collection reflects Amy’s experience with the disorder and the way in which the mind perceives the written word. As a dyslexic, sentences are like a puzzle of letters waiting to be pieced together one by one in order to derive content from the page. The conflict between eye and mind is portrayed through the overlapping, layering and draping of fabric creating hidden panels within the structure. We rely on our sight to guide us through life. What if you couldn’t trust your eyes?

L2_AmyKonig1 L2_AmyKonig2 AmyKonig_Fotor_Collage

Amy Konig, level two fashion student has been shortlisted for FAD competition

LFW_inviteExtract taken from Artsthread Blog:

The 17 finalists for the 2014 FAD Competition have been selected and the winner will be announced during a catwalk show held during London Fashion Week this February.

Hailing from 11 universities across the UK, this year’s finalists will be presenting cutting edge designs that engage the senses in new and inspiring ways. Check out the 17 finalists on Artsthread Blog: http://blog.artsthread.com/2014/01/2014-fad-competition-winners-announced/

Amy’s work will be showcased during London Fashion Week. Update to follow soon.

Good Luck Amy!