RCA Success for Printed Textile Student Miranda Wang

Congratulations to Miranda Wang for being accepted onto the Printed Textiles postgraduate MA course at the Royal College of Art.

Miranda Wang Printed Textiles

Miranda is currently in her final year at WSA after joining us less than two years ago from Dalian, China. We are sure she will take her lively enthusiasm for printed textiles forward and to new levels over the next two years at the RCA. Well done!

Featuring the work of Knitwear for Fashion graduate Phoebe Wang

Recent Knitwear for Fashion graduate, Phoebe Wang, joined us in her second year from Dalian, China. In her two years here she has honed her individual, colourful and experimental approach to Knitwear Design culminating in an exciting graduate collection for Menswear.

Phoebe Wang’s collection was inspired by fairytales and her personal childhood experiences. “I felt very lonely when I was small, I had working parents and few people to really care about me. I was extremely quiet, but I like drawing, I found that I could express my thoughts with my colourful marker pens”.


“I think like me, there are some children or grownups who are different, in some people’s eyes we may be weird. But we have a wonderful world in our mind. I think everyone should have a place in their mind even as they grow older… Children always think the best of people, they can easily forget their pain by having a lollipop. I want everyone to stay positive, to stay like a child.”


Designed for men Phoebe’s knitwear collection contains a spectacular array of pattern, texture and colour that capture a dream-like trippy realm. Designs such as COMME des GARÇONS Rei Kawakubo have inspired Phoebe to express her imaginary world and to put it into some sort of context. “To me Kawakubo is not only a fashion designer but an artist, she has always followed the beat of her own drum, both commercially and creatively.”

It is her parents, however, who have had the largest impact on Phoebe’s choice of career and drive to create “they have encouraged me to pursue my dreams since I was a kid, they told me the importance of hard working, so when I decide to do something, I will never give it up. I think this what makes me as a person and as a designer.”

Phoebe Wang Press Fashion Show - Vogue.co.uk

Phoebe was awarded the Nancy Balfour Award for excellence at the WSA Degree Show. After the summer she will be starting her MA in Knitwear at the Royal College of Art. She will definitely be one to watch in the future!

WSA Alumni Hannah Robson graduates from the RCA

WSA Woven Textiles alumni Hannah Robson has just graduated from the Royal College of Art where she developed beautiful sculptural forms using a variety of textiles construction techniques.

Hannah Robson RCA Show 2016

Congratulations Hannah and best of luck for the future.

Woven Textiles alumni Carys Whitehouse begins her MA at the RCA this week

Carys Whitehouse, who graduated this summer with a First Class Honours in Woven Textiles has started her Masters at the Royal College of Art this week.

Carys’ final collection, a combination of hand woven textiles, jacquards, digital prints and sculpture, reflected on how we express anxiety both consciously and unconsciously. This took the form of drawing and sculptures exploring her own anxieties as well as examining “medicine as a form of escapism from societal anxieties.” Her collection was developed using materials and processes which were entirely free from animal products for a gender-neutral fashion market.


We wish Carys all the best with her next 2 years of post-graduate studies.

Congratulations to WSA Weaver Hannah Robson

Congratulations to Hannah Robson for gaining a place to further her studies with a Masters at  The Royal College of Art.RCAlogo


HannahRobson1 HannahRobson2 HannahRobson3


Last year’s weave graduate recent exhibits at The Royal College of Art, London.

Last year’s weave graduate Hannah Auerbach George, showed some very sophisticated work at the RCA’s work in progress show.wsa_alumni_HannahAGeorge

Featuring the work of recent textile graduate: Hannah Auerbach George

Hannah Auerbach George final major project was inspired by her father’s love of the London Underground and her mother’s work as a Statistician.  By looking at an emerging trend for infographics she developed the idea of statistically analysing the Underground and using the information gathered to inform the design of her woven and printed fabrics. Hannah was particularly inspired by the sheer numbers of people that use the tube and how their anonymity contrasted with the lack of privacy in such a small enclosed place.

Sustainability has underpinned much of her work at Winchester School of Art.In this project the focus is more on the theoretical aspects of sustainability. Hannah explored the idea of embedding meaning within fabric therefore giving the textile longevity and where possible she have used sustainable materials. As a result the collection is largely made from wool, including British wool.Hannah has only used organic cotton with less that 5% of the collection being polyester. As part of her interest in sustainability Hannah designed many of the fabrics to be reversible or ‘ready lined’ to cut down on the use of materials. Hannah then further developed the idea of of embedding meaning into fabric by creating a woven QR(Quick Response) code fabric ‘FabriQR’. Each code can be scanned using an application which then takes you to an illustration of something that has ended up in the London Underground lost property office.

Hannah Auerbach George will be continuing her studies at The Royal College of Art next semester. We wish her well.

Hannah Auerbach George

Hannah Auerbach George Hannah Auerbach George

Hannah Auerbach George