Daniel Riches Twitter Talk from last weeks Career Fair

Here is the ‘Twitter Talk’ that you have all been asking for..

‘Advice for Fashion Interns’ with our very own UKFI Founder, Sharon Williams

‘Advice for Fashion Interns’ with UKFI Founder Sharon Williams from FashionFirstHand on Vimeo.

_makefuture Instagram account gains more followers



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Make Future Instagram Summary:

Engagement with Instagram has really taken off with all our students, here on the Fashion and Textiles BA course. Our  students not only realise the potential in the power of social media but also use Instagram to promote and share their work.

Congratulations to the students that have been featured! #wsalevelthree & #wsalevelone students.

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Fashion & Textiles Alumni LinkedIn Account

WSA FTD LinkedInFollowing the FTD C&E Lecture  ‘Media & Presentation’ this week, here is the link to the WSA FTD Alumni LinkedIn Account


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_makefuture Instagram Account growing from strength to strength

Check out the new Instagram page which features all WSA Fashion and Textile student’s work across all three levels.

The Instagram account will now be a permeant feature on the Make Future Blog.


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This is quite an exciting new app…Nike have unveiled a new tool that enables any designer to see environmental impact of material choices and create more sustainable apparel.

Nike launches MAKING App

As part of its commitment to designing a better, more sustainable future, Nike launches MAKING — a new app that helps designers and product creators make informed decisions about the environmental impacts of the materials they choose.

MAKING is a designer-specific, easy-to-use tool that ranks materials used in apparel based on four environmental impact areas: water, chemistry, energy and waste. Through direct comparisons, designers can quickly see how material choices stack up. The app was created by Nike with insights and feedback from students at London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

MAKING is available to download free of charge from the Apple iTunes store.

For more info: http://nikeinc.com/news/nike-unveils-new-app-to-help-designers-invent-better?utm_source=Subscribers&utm_campaign=0af016c6ac-&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d2191372b3-0af016c6ac-417013641#/inline/21200

WSA Stand @New Designers 2013

In case you missed New Designers this year -UK’s most important graduate design exhibition, full of innovation and fresh thinking showcasing the best of our textile graduates  – here is our stand, courtesy of graduate @sophiehoughton Instagram Video

 Download At InstaEmbed.com

Download At InstaEmbed.com

 Download At InstaEmbed.com

Download At InstaEmbed.com