Highlights from the WSA New Designers stand

ND15 - Alex and Kat ND15 - Annabelle ND15 - Chloe ND15 - Grace and Charlie ND15 - Sarah and Ellice

From top to bottom: Featuring the work of Alex Poyner and Kat Walker, Annabelle Jennings, Chloe Rutherford, Grace Fincham and Charlie Magnay, Sarah Street and Ellice Soloman.

16 students from Printed Textiles, Knitwear for Fashion and Woven Textiles were selected to showcase their work at the London event last week.

The work of Dienke Dekker

Dienke Dekker is a Dutch designer, working from her studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on projects with a strong emphasis on experiments with materiality and techniques, focusing mainly on textiles.

Her website is full of inspiration for textile and fashion designers alike. Below is an image from her project ‘Union of Striped Yarns’


a project on the performance of striped yarns in woven textiles’
‘the Union of the Striped Yarns’ is a project revolving around the meeting points of striped yarns in woven textiles and the patterns emerging in which these stripes meet and find each other. By influencing the basic element of a textile, its yarn, the individual characters of the products are defined. The collaboration of the yarns and the different ways of interweaving them results in complex repetitions and sequences, seemingly random overall effects and intriguing color-plays. The achieved patterns are not always directly comprehensible, but the loose ends of the textiles unveil some of the mystery.
A carpet, a couch plaid and a chair cover show the different ways how the coloring of a yarn and the way it is woven can create new unions, ranging from industrial weaves realized in tied up and hand-dyed yarns to hand-weaves with industrially printed yarns as barrier tape to simple weaves in which the yarns were striped by the twining of two colored ropes.’