Knitwear student, Hannah Brabon awarded prize from The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters

Final year knitwear student, Hannah Brabon was recently awarded the HATRA Bursary of £2500 by The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters. 
After being interviewed by a panel of judges; presenting work and answering technical questions, she was selected as one of 14 winners in the country. As well as the bursary Hannah is being mentored by Peter White who visited recently to see how her work is progressing and give business and interview/portfolio advice.
Hannah’s graduate collection focusses on the detrimental impacts that the textiles industry has on the environment looking specifically at images of water polluted by dye and ink waste, as well as how this effects the surrounding communities. Her colour palette has developed from own photographs of landscapes ranging from acid washed denim to dark indigo tones of blue, as well as hints of pinks, lavender purple and mint green. The textural qualities of natural forms such as water and mountains inspired the sense of pattern, line and shape throughout the fabrics.

Hannah Brabon Portfolio page

Hannah aim to create a luxury sportswear inspired women’s knitwear collection of outfits that are innovative and forward thinking, using denim fabrics and yarns in combination with other sustainable and high quality materials in order to create a highly technical, luxury fabrics. She hopes to promote the concept of slow fashion and aims to have a low impact on the environment.

To continue the idea of clothing with a long life, Hannah initially focused on using pre-loved denim and transforming it into something new and innovative. “I am interested in the history of denim and am inspired by how denim has been a part of the lives of so many people; from a vast array of sub-cultures and classes in societies throughout the centuries. From ancient Japanese Boro textiles to present day casual wear, I am fascinated by the stories behind the clothing that people wear.”

Hannah Brabon swatches

Hannah has used many knitting techniques on a wide range of machinery; these include domestic, Dubied and Shima Seiki knitting machines across a variety of gauges, exploring intarsia, e-wrapping, weaving in, pleating and ribbing. She has also embraced hand dyeing and machine embroidery, in order to add a further depth and dimension to the fabrics. Developing on from the idea of water and preserving the landscape, she uses heat pressing techniques with plastics, resulting in a waterproofed effect.The use of heat pressing techniques with plastics, resulting in a waterproofed effect, encapsulate the idea of water and preserving the landscape.

Hannah Brobon


Final year Knitwear design student Grace Fincham awarded a £1000 bursary from the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters

Final year Knitwear design student Grace Fincham awarded one of a handful sought-after £1000 bursaries from the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters towards her final collection.

Grace’s current work is inspired by Urban Photographer Matthias Heiderich, and the way he looks at the beautiful angles, textures, and colours in architecture to portray the world in an interesting way, and also artist Frank Stella from the minimalism movement who works with shape, colour and large scale. This research has then lead her to upscaling her designs and silhouette, creating ‘super-sized’ garment shapes that are full & volumous, exploiting the drape of her beautiful knitted fabrics to their full potential.

Grace is highly technically proficient on all knitwear machinery including Domestic, Dubied and Shima Seiki machines, allowing her to fully realise her creative design ideas. She love to create fabrics which are bold and impactful using techniques such as plaiting, stitch transfer, jacquard fabrics, embellishment and manipulating fabrics on the machine to create folds and silhouette. ‘I am greatly interested in working with shapes and how they can be put together in creative ways looking at folding techniques and also creating 3D fabrics by manipulating them when knitting and putting different fabrics together as one.’

Below are some images from Grace’s pre-collection.

premood DSC_2901 100

Well done Grace! We look forward to seeing your final collection as it will no doubt be very beautiful & accomplished.