The Programme

Fashion Design

Fashion Design will allow you to test and explore your interest through studio-based activities and workshops in our specialist sample rooms. Our projects will challenge your thinking and enhance your understanding of this continuously-evolving area. You will learn flat-pattern cutting and draping, as well drawing and illustrations. You will also develop a portfolio of your work that will demonstrate your strengths and understanding of this dynamic subject.

Knitwear for Fashion

Knitwear for Fashion will give you specialist teaching supported by state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated studios that are fully-equipped with single and double bed knitting machines, linkers and computerised Shima Seiki knit machines across three gauges. You will be able to explore your ideas, develop the technical skills needed to be a knitwear designer, and build a portfolio of your designs demonstrating your creative abilities and commercial understanding of the industry.

Printed Textiles

Printed Textiles will enable you to explore your ideas across a variety of techniques and formats including dyeing, screen-printing by hand, CAD for textile design, and digital printers for fabric or paper. You will be encouraged to look at textiles for interiors and fashion applications, foiling, flocking, discharge printing and devoré.

Woven Textiles

Woven Textiles encourages you to critically explore weave through a combination of new technologies and hand processes. You will gain skills working with hand looms, computerised looms and get access to our state-of-the-art jacquard loom. You can also master the complexities of weave through technical workshops and demonstrations covering yarn technology through to jacquard design. You can take part in industry-linked projects in fashion, interiors and architecture as well as gain the skills needed to identify and anticipate emerging trends.