Featuring Final Year Printed Textiles Student Rosie Franklin

When talking to final year BA Printed Textiles student Rosie Franklin, it is really insightful to get to know her as a designer and to learn the story and background behind her final collection titled ‘The Loser’s Salon’.

Interview by Lewis Evans

Taking inspiration from creators like Patty Smith and a trip to the picturesque scenery of New Zealand Rosie invented her own magical town based on the story of her childhood, of a time when her Gran would joke about being a witch and the superstitious events that would happen on a daily basis on her suburban farm.


Rosie has been able to pull in all her favourite hobbies and inspirations in order to create a collection that is true to showing who she is as a designer, and, she has had fun doing it. Her wacky and extravagant illustrations make this collection stand out and her colour scheme is something to die for. In order to make things even more fun, Rosie organised and ran life drawing events, which, in turn, helped keep the inspiration flowing and gave others a taste of her eccentric mind and design process.

What I personally love most about talking to Rosie is her enthusiasm and excitement towards her work, there is just so much emotion and personal attachment to her work that she radiates passion and happiness. She was able to use traditional screen printing skills in order to create an illustrated aesthetic and said that she is so happy that Winchester School of Art has the resources to carry out what she loves and that it will be something that she misses when she goes into the wider world.

I am super excited to see Rosie’s Final collection and even more excited to see what she achieves in the future.