Year 1 Fashion Design Shirt Project _ Original Copy

Three-week design project introducing basic pattern cutting, construction and deconstruction/reconstruction in order to learn the process of make and the importance of analysing and understanding garment silhouettes, shapes, details, seams and finishes.

All shirts are made from reclaimed or vintage fabrics and garments.

Shirt by Joshua Woods

Shirt by Poppy Cordon

Shirt by Eleanor Swan

Selection of First Year Fashion Design Work in Progress

First year Fashion Design students have been working on garments using denim over the past few weeks. Here is a selection of some work in progress.

04 Claudia Friel

Claudia Friel

01 Kua Lovelyn

Kua Lovelyn

03 Abigail Skrentny

Abigail Skrentny

05 Ellie Hillier

Ellie Hillier

02 Madison Weight

Madison Weight

Year 1 Drawing Workshops

During a series of drawing workshops over the past few weeks, first year students practiced drawing textures, forms and lines for fashion and textiles. Models were styled with a multitude of fabrics and accessories presenting various patterns, shapes and textures in order to inspire a wide use of drawing media and colour.

Year 1 drawing 01 Year 1 drawing 02 Year 1 drawing 03 Year 1 drawing 04 Year 1 drawing 05 Year 1 drawing 06