Selection of First Year Fashion Design Work in Progress

First year Fashion Design students have been working on garments using denim over the past few weeks. Here is a selection of some work in progress.

04 Claudia Friel

Claudia Friel

01 Kua Lovelyn

Kua Lovelyn

03 Abigail Skrentny

Abigail Skrentny

05 Ellie Hillier

Ellie Hillier

02 Madison Weight

Madison Weight

A Selection from the Work-in-Progress Fashion Show

_MG_2475 _MG_2052 _MG_2026 _MG_2790 _MG_2720 _MG_2588 _MG_2545 _MG_2513 _MG_2446 _MG_2239

WSA Work-in-Progress Fashion Show Tomorrow 5pm

Come and see our Fashion and Knitwear students Work-in-Progress fashion show!

W.I.P Fashion Show


New Year – Fresh Start

Happy New Year. It is 2013 and we are kicking off with some work in progress from level 2 fashion that has been sent in from Ridi Santilal and  Jane Feng who are busy working on their design profiles for the impending hand in.

Ridi Santilal

Ridi Santilal

Jane Feng

Jane Feng