Featuring the work of Printed Textile student Alex Poyner

Final year Printed Textile student Alex Poyner introduces us to part of her collection.

FMP alex poyner 8
 For my final collection I initially looked at the different objects we carry and how these things help define us. This lead me to investigate the psychology behind collecting and hoarding; how some see litter where hoarders see treasure. I attempted to portray the clutter and order associated with hoarders and collectors through my designs, considering the placement of imagery and combining unrelated everyday objects. Artists Gavin Turk and Jason Taylor have been significant influences owing to the way they interpret everyday objects; either making them humorous or more thought provoking by taking a piece of litter and isolating it on a plinth.

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I take an experimental approach to my work, always looking for new and exciting¬†ways of creating. I enjoy the challenge of taking an object¬†that others’ class as litter¬†i.e. the plastic bag and making it aesthetically pleasing,¬†intriguing and adding¬†value to something which previously had no value.¬†Working across¬†medias and¬†integrating them into¬†printed textiles to create depth and¬†excitement is an integral part of my work.¬†I hope by¬†focusing on everyday objects I have created¬†prints that can relate to everyone.

FMP alex poyner 4
Alex has already had her work showcased at the British Fashion Council portfolio day and there will be plenty more opportunities to see her finished collection at our upcoming graduate events.